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This site has a few original essays and pictorials of my own devising, as well as a heap of links to sites on the Web that pertain to politics, controversies, legislation, litigation, and stuff like that. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but I found them interesting enough to link to. Any snide comments in the descriptions of the sites I link to, however, are strictly my opinions, not those of the authors of the sites themselves.

Featured Items

A Look at Ground Zero
A few pictures of the New York attack site a few months later.

A Brief Stop at Mount Carmel
My look at the place where the Branch Davidians went up in flames.

Greece Bans Electronic Games
It's not just an isolated silly law; it illustrates a systematic problem with wars on "victimless crimes" in general.

Searching for Chads in Palm Beach County
A peek at the circus atmosphere that surrounded the 2000 vote counting.

Current Controversies, Crises, & Censorship in Cyberspace
See the threats to the 'Net!

Some More Choices...

But, Wait, There's More...

From Dan's Archives
Some of the old stuff from my site that I can't bear to throw away...

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I'm using this domain name to set up subdomains redirecting to protest sites.


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