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Election 2000 Palm Beach Protests

Since I live in Palm Beach County, Florida, the site of lots of controversy in the recent presidential election, I went over to the vote-counting center to see what was going on with all the protests and stuff. Here are a few pictures I took there... (and I have another page of them when you're through with these...)

[Picture: Protestors #1]

[Picture: Protestors #2]

[Picture: Protestors #3]

[Picture: Protestors #4]

[Picture: Protestors #5]

[Picture: Protestors argue]

[Picture: Emergency Operations Center building]

[Picture: Decorated van]

Have you seen Chad around here anywhere?

[Picture: Chads for Bush sign]

[Picture: America doesn't give a chad]

Did some meddlesome human put this canine up to this?

[Picture: Dog with sign view 1]   [Picture: Dog with sign view 2]

One of the more eccentric protestors I've seen here or anywhere...

[Picture: Eccentric protestor view 1]   [Picture: Eccentric protestor view 2]

This guy claimed to represent a Florida Militia group, and said that such Militia groups are unfairly maligned by the media; he's not a racist or anything.

[Picture: Florida Militiaman]

She sells T-shirts by the seashore...
One of several vendors present to hawk merchandise capitalizing on this squabble. Her shirts make fun of the Palm Beach County ballots.

[Picture: Shirt Seller]

This guy put his own sign on top of a "No Trespassing" sign put up by the county, but the nearby cop made him take it down.
[Picture: Sign -- Vote Fraud Div.]

More Pictures


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