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  • Babes on the Web wasn't a political site, per se, but I included a link to it here while it still existed (it's apparently down now) because lots of feminists got their panties in a wad about it. See, for instance, the critique from Elizabeth Lane Lawley. (Kim Rollins and somebody named Kilroy used to have anti-Babes-On-The-Web pages too, but they seem to have been taken down.) Get a life. Politically correct or not, heterosexual males are genetically programmed to take pleasure at the sight of the female anatomy. (The programmed-at-birth theory of sexual preference, which is gaining much scientific acceptance, is avidly used in promoting the politically-correct cause of gay rights, but it applies equally well in defending heterosexual activities which are equally hard-coded.)
  • Heterosexual females are also programmed genetically with a tendency to take pleasure at the anatomy of the opposite sex, but this is considered more politically correct than the similar male tendency. Thus, Diet Coke can have commercials with women sizing up a topless male construction worker, but beer companies get flamed at for showing a little female flesh in their "Swedish Bikini Team" commercials. By the same token, the beefcake site Babes on the Web II (no longer in existence), featuring male sites of interest to female guy-watchers, got very little controversy compared to the original "Babes" site.
  • If you do happen to want your image ogled and rated by Web users, go to Am I Hot Or Not, where you can submit your picture and your ratings of everyone else's (male or female). (Maybe it's down now; last time I tried it I got an entirely blank page.)
  • A user of the Epinions site has written a controversial article reviewing the 10 hottest women on that site. He followed it up with one allegedly reviewing the 10 ugliest women, but that article actually lists the 10 hottest men.
  • If you want a politically-correct list of female sites on the web, though, you can check out WebGrrls, which has links to a whole lot of women's web pages, but since it's presented in a feminist manner instead of as cheesecake, it's OK (but the anonymity of web browsing lets horny nerds use it as a girl-watching resource, too!).
  • Cybergirls links to various women's home pages.
  • Some people also attack the Miss USA Pageant and the Miss Teen USA Pageant as sexist, but it was pretty neat that the place I used to live, Shreveport, LA, hosted Miss USA in 1997 and 1998, and Miss Teen USA in 1998 through 2000.
  • Y2K For Women is a "For Women Only" web site claiming that other sites about the Year 2000 computer software crisis are too "male-oriented," and there's a need for a site about this issue from a woman's perspective. Apparently the male sites are too preoccupied with masculine-techno-geek things like, ummm, trying to fix the Y2K bug, rather than taking the feminine approach of, I guess, feeling the pain and empathizing emotionally with the prospective Y2K victims. (Actually, this web site has some useful hints and tips, and despite the "For Women Only" headers, their server has no way of monitoring the sex of viewers, so men can take a peek too.) Rather than go away once the "Y2K scare" was over, the site continued to help women cope with "the year 2000 and beyond", and now has information on coping with bioterrorism.
  • Rebuttal from Uranus is a critique of John Gray's bestselling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.
  • Wikigender is a wiki-type site devoted to gender issues.


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