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America, from the Founding Parents to the Present

ACLU Campaign to Oppose the
 'Flag Desecration' Amendment

  • Common Sense by Thomas Paine, was one of the important works that led to the American Revolution, and you can read it on the net now. (Paine would have loved the Internet, and would probably have a really cool web site if he were alive today!)
  • LawGuru.com -- a site full of resources for searching legislation and litigation.
  • LawIdea.com -- Site related to LawGuru.com that brings together lots of legal resources.
  • DumbLaws.Com lists the stupidest laws in the United States.
  • LegalSurvival -- a site with resources pertaining to the law.
  • Voter Registration -- find out how to register in your state.
  • LexRex is devoted to informing the public about the Constitution and its heritage of liberty.
  • The National Debt Clock

Starr Wars

Whether it has "redeeming social value" or not, Kenneth Starr's report on what Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were up to is on the Net.

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Euphoria

Who's Bombing Who?

As humanity's bloodiest century gives way to the next one, there is still no end to the wars that are going on. The U.S. is in some of them, despite the lack of any formal declaration of war on the part of Congress as required by the Constitution. (The only wars that the government is willing to formally declare these days are phony ones like the "War On Drugs" and the "War On Poverty." When they actually go bombing someplace, it's a "police action" instead.) Following the horrible events of September 11, a "War On Terrorism" began, followed by an actual shooting war in Iraq. Anyway, here are some links related to war past, present, and future...

What else is up?

  • These documents are supposedly illegal for people in the U.K., and maybe some other countries, to view.
  • Who owns messages left on answering machines, the sender or the recipient? This lawsuit, against rapper Snoop Dogg, aims to find out.
  • No-Think Nation VI: Destroying the West with Political Correctness
  • The government of Brazil apparently doesn't have much of a sense of humor... they're threatening to sue the producers of The Simpsons for making fun of that country in an episode where the family goes there to find a missing orphan boy that Lisa has been sponsoring.
  • PoLinks has links to lots of political stuff.
  • The Godless Pro-Lifers defend an anti-abortion stance from an atheist position.
  • John Stossel, whose TV news specials have a somewhat libertarian-leaning slant (unusual for the mainstream media), is trying to promote incorporating these shows into school curricula via his Web site.
  • The Vagabond is a newsletter that presents ideas and opinions, sometimes playing devil's advocate.
  • Psycheocracy is one guy's theory of how we should be governed by candidates who pass an elaborate battery of psychological tests. However, the page that ostensibly is his statement of this position in actuality appears to be a bunch of random, disconnected rants about lots of different subjects, including a claim that your PC is secretly transmitting your conversations to your ISP via an onboard speaker.
  • Bill Silverstein is suing his ex-employer for firing him because he took leave (requested well in advance) to treat a medical condition. He put up a Web site to describe the case, and the employer responded by counter-suing him for libel. Read all about it in his site.
  • I think "Affirmative Action" is a silly, discriminatory policy that merely perpetuates racism by encouraging resentment between the races, and gives bureaucrats more areas of our lives and businesses to stick their noses in and micromanage. (Let's see... our statistical tables say that you should have hired 3.8 black people, and you've only hired three; you need to find 8/10ths of a black person to hire, quickly, our you're in trouble!) However, there are people who disagree with me on this, and one group of them has a web site: BAMN, yet another noncommercial organization that's too dumb to know it's supposed to use a .org address, so it's at a stupid .com address.
  • Fleeting Thoughts -- a site full of opinions and other political stuff.
  • Political Site of the Day
  • Controversy.Net is a British-based site with resources for investigative journalists.
  • Think that Utopia is impossible? The authors of this site disagree.
  • Ed Hardwick liked my David Duke parody page enough to link to it... his page has lots of other political content.
  • A Course in Political Miracles suggests a way to point out the immorality of taxation without sounding negative.
  • Santa Clara, Cuba, and Che Guevara (site in Spanish)
  • Daylight Savings Time unconstitutional in Mexico City -- I wish they'd dump it here in the U.S. too; it's a pain changing all the clocks twice a year.
  • Inflation Calculator and GDP Calculator let you see how dollar amounts compare between different time periods from the 1790s to the present.
  • Another inflation calculator


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