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These are all the features and links not fitting into my other categories (such as controversies and Internet).

Features in This Site

Some of My Other Sites

  • Tiffany, the great young vocalist! I put up the first fan site on the Web about her, and now there are many. Check out her current album, The Color of Silence. (Or see her nude in the April 2002 Playboy...)
  • Tatiana, the Mexican singer / kids' TV host; her stuff is in Spanish, which I don't understand much of, but I still like her, and she's the latest star to get a fan site from me.

Fun and games

Comics-related links

  • The Grand Comics Database Project is creating an online index to all comic books ever published.
  • The Fandom Directory helps you find fans of comics, science fiction, fantasy, and related subjects.
  • Will Elder, a founding artist of Mad Magazine, has a web site.
  • Collect.com lets collectors of coins, comics, baseball cards, and other collectibles buy and sell them, including online auctions.
  • The Periodic Table of Comics shows comic book pages that reference each element.
  • The Dilbert Site -- Is your job like that?
  • Peanuts Site -- see all the tributes to the late Charles Schulz.
  • The International Museum of Cartoon Art (formerly) here in Boca Raton is a museum dedicated to comics (strips, books, political cartoons, etc.).
  • Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus (just finishing its impressive 300-issue run in 2004) is a brilliant artist... and totally nuts. (The two tend to go together.) He's (in)famous for his rather... odd... views on feminism and the roles of the sexes in general. This site is a clever parody of these views.

TV-related links

  • TVTome is an excellent resource for information about practically every TV show ever aired.
  • The Amazing Race is back yet again (despite past rumors of cancellation), with the seventh series of this "reality" show where contestants race around the world completing stunts and finding clues. And they're seeking contestants for an 8th race too.
  • Television Without Pity -- TV news and reviews with an attitude.
  • Lizzie McGuire Timeline -- chronology of events occurring and mentioned in the Disney Channel series.

Music-related links

Movie-related links

  • Internet Movie Database has info on every movie ever released, and some that aren't even released yet.
  • Movie Physics Reviews -- how well do movies conform to the laws of physics?
  • StarWars.Com has the latest news on the Star Wars prequels, straight from LucasFilm.
  • CountingDown.Com is where the most obsessive Star Wars fans hang out, to plan month-long lineups to see the new movie.
  • The Saga Begins is a song from Weird Al Yankovic that sets the Phantom Menace plot to the tune of "American Pie". The complete video is viewable online.
  • JediTalk is an online Star Wars talk show.
  • This article makes the case that the Evil Empire is morally superior to the rebels.
  • Yet another take on Star Wars, this one views the successful rebel attack on the Death Star from the standpoint of the Empire's "War on Terror".

Fan Fiction Links

  • FanFiction.net is an extensive site full of fan-written stories about characters from TV, movies, books, etc. Fan fiction is a thriving community, even though it's likely to be a copyright violation (though the entertainment industry's often-vicious lawyers rarely seem to go after it, apparently afraid of the bad publicity they'd get from suing their fans).
  • GodAwful.net features examples of really bad fan fiction.
  • FictionAlley.org features Harry Potter fan fiction.
  • A Few Steps Behind -- an epic-length fan fiction story about the future lives of characters from Lizzie McGuire.


  • Edible cookbook printed on lasagna noodles
  • Meetup helps you find people with common interests and arrange meetings near you.
  • Where's George lets you register the serial numbers of the dollar bills in your wallet, so that if somebody else enters the same bill later after you spend it you can see where it went. Bookcrossing does something similar for books -- you put their numbered bookplate in books and leave them lying around where others can find them, read them, and log where they turned up on the Web.
  • The Keo Project is going to put a "time capsule" into space that will return to Earth in 50,000 years with messages for our descendants... and they want everybody on Earth (all 6 billion of us!) to provide a personal note to include.
  • SETI At Home lets you put your computer's unused cycles to work helping to find communications from aliens in raw radio-telescope data. It's a distributed project that thousands of computer users worldwide are involved in, and it takes no more effort than to install a screensaver that downloads data from the Internet, works on it when your PC is idle, and uploads the results when it's finished with the batch (hours or days later).
  • Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound? Or do you just like to look up and gawk at them? Check out SkyscraperPage for all the info you want to know about the great structures of our modern cities.
  • Spam Poetry Contest -- compose poems using lines from spam mail and win a prize.
  • FunTrivia.Com has trivia on lots of subjects.
  • URouLette: Jump to a random Web site!
  • American Mensa home page -- Get Smart by joining the High-IQ Society! For worldwide info, see the International Mensa site.
  • Justin's Links from the Underground: Lots of wild 'n' crazy Web stuff.
  • What's Xanadu? The stuff that winds up all over your carpet when you've got a pet Xana? No, you can find out what it really is by checking out this site.
  • Jabberwocky.Com takes its name from the famous Lewis Carroll poem, which can be found on the site.
  • Are you a cynic?
  • This site is putting together a complete parody of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, with contributions from many people.
  • Humorous tech support stories.
  • AA Roads has interesting facts about the roads and highways of the United States.
  • Powers Of 10 is an interactive Java site that shows views of the universe at scales from submicroscopic to intergalactic.
  • Kartoo is an interesting search engine that displays its results in a visual manner. You probably need to have the right plugins installed to use it; it's very multimedia intensive.
  • Googlism extracts sometimes-meaningful facts about a person, place, or thing you type in, by looking at the pages Google finds under that search term.
  • The Internet Oracle -- ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

NOTE: Since, according to some authorities, the earth was created on October 23, 4004 BC, at 9:00 AM (I'm not sure which time zone or whether Daylight Savings Time was in effect), you might think that we passed the 6000th anniversary of the earth's creation on Oct. 23, 1996, but you'd be wrong. There was no Year Zero, with 1 BC immediately preceding 1 AD, so if years are represented on a mathematical timeline with a zero year, 1 BC = 0, 2 BC = -1, and so on, making 4004 BC mathematically represented by -4003. Thus, the 6000th anniversary can now be calculated to have occured in 1997. Happy birthday, world!

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