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Current Controversies, Crises, & Censorship in Cyberspace

D*n't B*y C*berS*tter Without Knowing The Truth About What It Does For You.

Now that the 'Net is so popular, there are hordes of people trying to censor parts of it that they don't like. Also, lots of clashes and controversies from the outside world are getting dragged into the 'Net, and they sometimes, in turn, drag the 'Net into the courts when somebody sues somebody else over something. Here are some sites dealing with these controversies and related issues. Those wanting to keep cyberspace free should keep up on these things.

Your Choices:

Here Come The Censors
Sen. Exon's Toxic Spill, and Other Threats to the Online Environment

Who's Suing Who?
Lawyers take aim at the Internet

To Link, Or Not To Link?
That is the question...

Wikipedia Controversies
Victims of Wikipedia... or Wiki Whiners?

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