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These features and Web links pertain to the Web itself, as well as the Internet and other online things. I originally used the header "The 'Net & Yahoo", as a lame pun on the name of the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, but that became dated after he left office... but now he's back!

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Features in This Site

Some of My Other Related Sites

Internet history, statistics, etc.

Those big corporate online services... and the people who love to hate them.

Other stuff

  • Search Thingy -- lets you use a number of search engines from one page.
  • All4One also lets you search in multiple search engines at once.
  • The Hacker Jargon Dictionary -- Are you a hacker, a suit, or a marketroid?
  • Everything2 -- a giant, interlinked "encyclopedia" that its users participate in creating.
  • Wikipedia is even more encyclopedia-ish than that one, and it's also user-editable.
  • Know your System Administrator -- What type is he/she?
  • Homesteading the Noosphere -- Some insight into what motivates participants in open-source software projects, and how their "geek culture" has evolved.
  • The Programmers' Stone -- online "book" with a somewhat dense writing style, but with some interesting points about the mindset of programmers vs. most others.
  • World of Ends -- What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It for Something Else.
  • Computerworld Sharktank -- has lots of amusing anecdotes from the information technology field.
  • The Internet is Shit -- and among the shit on the Internet is rants like that one which say that the Internet is shit.
  • Tact Filters -- an interesting essay about how geeks differ from others in their sense of "tact".
  • Let's Solve the File Format Problem! -- wiki-based project to document file formats of all sorts


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