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Prosecuted or Persecuted?

Web sites of people claiming to have been falsely arrested, convicted, imprisoned, had property confiscated, or were otherwise abused by the police or legal system.

  • John N. Hanna claims to have been arrested and convicted after committing no crime, and not even being allowed to see the (invalid) arrest warrant by which he was being arrested.
  • Concerned Citizens for Legal Accountability, in Wenatchee, Washington, is fighting against a local government "witch-hunt" against an alleged child molestation ring, where much of the evidence was in fact unreliable testimony obtained in various coercive ways. One teenage girl, who the government claims was molested by her parents but she denies, has run away after being cruelly treated by authorities who sent her to various institutions and foster homes and attempted to coerce her into testifying against her parents (at one point having her strapped to a stretcher and drugged). They've even forcibly censored the web site reporting and criticizing this case!
  • The Sweeney Family had their property foreclosed after the FDIC allegedly suppressed a $4,000,000 state court judgment against a bank that had allegedly swindled them. They're claiming this is part of a big government cover-up.
  • skippy.com doesn't belong to the peanut butter maker -- instead, it recounts a story by the daughter of the creator of a comic strip named "Skippy", very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, who claims that the peanut butter maker stole their trademark and then conspired to put the cartoonist into a mental institution to keep him from fighting back. The story sounds rather paranoid, but the fact that the peanut butter maker actually went to court not so long ago to enforce an injunction censoring this story from the Web (overturned by an appeals court later due to the First Amendment) adds some appearance of truth to these ravings -- if the story weren't true, surely they could have rationally refuted it rather than attempting to use the legal system to suppress it.
  • Justin Hall was put in jail for daring to stand too close to a somewhat rowdy political demonstration (after one cop ordered him to stay on the sidewalk, and another ordered him to get off the sidewalk and onto the street with the protestors; then they were all arrested). He writes all about it in his web site. (I'm not positive whether it's still up though... the specific page I used to link to is 404 Not Found, so I link now to his home page, and haven't searched to see if there's still a page on this specific incident.)


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