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The U.S.A. voted for President in 2000 (and, after lots of wrangling, we eventually actually had a new President... widely disliked at the time, but 16 years later Trump made Bush Jr. look good); we re-elected him in another contentious election in 2004, and then, in 2008, it was time to do it all over again, this time with no incumbent running. There were lots of other elections then, as well as at other times before and after, at the local and state level. This page has links relating to such elections and their candidates. There's generally a lot more here while a major election is in progress than in off years.

General Info Sites

Online Surveys

Inflict your own zany beliefs on the rest of the public, by voting in these online polls and surveys.

Real World Polls

These are usually duller than the online variety... in presidential polls, boring guys like the Republicans and Democrats end up topping them, instead of the interesting candidates like the Libertarians who dominate on the net... (or, used to dominate, anyway... these days, the 'Net is getting depressingly mainstream, too)!

Other Stuff

  • Make Mine Count: Make your vote count more by "swapping" between a vote in a "safe" state and one in a "battleground" state. (A 2016 anti-Trump site.)

Historical Sites


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