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Crackpots out in Left Field

  • Always Causing Legal Unrest is on the "other" ACLU's case because they claim, get this, that the American Civil Liberties Union is promoting "conservative values" that oppose "social justice"! They don't like the ACLU because they promote such evil stuff as individual privacy rights, freedom of speech for pornographers, corporate trademark rights (e.g., over the name "ACLU", which they're threatening to sue this group for "abusing"), etc. Basically, Always Causing Legal Unrest is a bunch of loony-left feminists who favor forced "equality" over liberty wherever the two come in conflict, and have no liking for any sort of individual freedom, even the freedom of speech favored by less-radical liberals, because they think that freedom favors the power elite which can use it most effectively. Why they think that tight centralized government control, which would be wielded by the very power elites they hate, would be better for their "socially just" cause, I don't know.
  • Rack Jite (aka Muy Groso, and a bunch of other aliases) is a liberal's liberal... absolutely tolerant of everything... except, of course, those evil, selfish, reactionary people who [gasp] actually disagree with Rack Jite on anything! (Actually, his web site is mild stuff compared to how he sometimes acts in online conferences, such as when he hung out on the FidoNet CONTROV echo a few years ago. Probably, he doesn't really deserve to be put on a "Crackpots" page, though he sometimes behaved like one in online forums, but there's a real shortage of left-wing crackpots on the Web to link to compared to the right-wing sort, so I have to stretch things a little to get "balance"...)

Crackpots out in Right Field

  • David Duke won't go away, though his electoral success has been negligible lately; his website varies from relatively-mild "I'm just against political correctness!" to hard-core white-supremacist hate. Read this article, from a white supremacist web site (Stormfront), to see his true racist colors.
  • My parody of a David Duke JavaScript page (based on a page formerly on Duke's site)
  • The National Alliance may be one of the scariest of the white-fright sites; they're calling for not only ethnic cleansing of "White" continents (all of Europe, the Americas, Australia, and southern Africa), but cultural cleansing that will rid white culture of "poisons" from Semitic or African sources, which they specifically mentioned includes Barry Manilow. Polkas are OK; they're fully Aryan. They didn't mention what foods are good or bad by Aryan standards. I suppose hamburgers and frankfurters are all right since they're named after German cities. Now, about French Fries... those French can be a bit snooty, but they're still Whites (even if somewhat decadent), so I guess their food is OK, especially if it's a side dish to a more Aryan meal.
  • Christian Gallery wants to give death sentences to abortion doctors and Supreme Court justices who voted to preserve the right to abortion, and advocates states seizing nuclear weapons and threatening to nuke the rest of the country if the feds won't let them secede and become Christian theocracies with draconian bans on abortion and homosexuality.
  • Steve Winter has been inflicting his brand of lunacy, which gives Christians a bad name, on computer networks for many years (I remember him from my days as a FidoNet sysop, when he was spouting off in the FidoNews newsletter trying to get his enemies (anyone expressing "un-Christian" sentiments, defined as any that disagree with Winter) banned from the network. But some of his opponents seem pretty obsessive-compulsive themselves, like the author of this anti-Steve-Winter site.
  • Bobby Fischer is brilliant at chess, but a complete nutcase otherwise... he's now calling the U.S. government "Jew-controlled" in his Nazi-like rants.

Crackpots who are Out of the Ballpark Entirely

  • The Stewart Synopsis is a site dealing with racial issues, apparently from the black perspective, but in a manner that confirms the worst paranoid ravings of the white supremacists, as they argue that the white race is doomed, and that they think this is a good thing. They're also offended that people like Tiger Woods and Mariah Carey refer to themselves as being of mixed race; they think that anyone with the slightest bit of nonwhite blood ought to proudly refer to themselves as "black".
  • Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy? is by some religious extremist who denounces Christian pop music as satanic.
  • That wacko cult of web developers that committed mass suicide in San Diego had a site at www.heavensgate.com, but it doesn't seem to work any more, maybe because the webmasters are dead... However, somebody has put up a mirror of it at www.heavensgatetoo.com.
  • These guys think that electronic devices are being used by the CIA to scramble their brains.
  • John Bryant calls himself a libertarian, but his site is full of ravings against Jews, blacks, and other groups. He's a member of Mensa, showing that intelligence is no proof against crackpottery. Some of his writings imply that he thinks Mensa is part of the evil Jewish liberal conspiracy (because they won't always publish his rants in their newsletters), so why does he keep paying dues to them?


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