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Humor (Ha Ha Ha!)

  • Isolatr, the site that helps you stay away from annoying potential "friends". A parody of the various social-networking sites/programs.
  • A funny Flash game about George W. Bush.
  • Landover Baptist -- an "over-the-top" parody of Christian fundamentalist extremism. (At least I hope it's a parody...)
  • White House Site Parody (from the time of the Clinton administration)
  • Whitehouse.net has a more current parody of the G. W. Bush White House.
  • The Canadian Internet Licensing Board wants Canadian webmasters to register so that the same Canadian Content Quotas can be enforced on them as on TV and radio stations.
  • If you were looking for the web site of the animal-rights group PETA, and tried peta.org, a few years ago you would instead find the site of of People Eating Tasty Animals, which really got a rise out of PETA types! (A file of hate mail received by the site is included.) However, PETA got the domain suspended, and years later, finally won a court case to take it over themselves, so it now goes to their real site. The "joke" site moved to a different address, where it still is, but unfortunately it hasn't been updated in a long time.
  • Dihydrogen Monoxide: Threat or boon? The DHMO Research Division has the facts!
  • Heather Has Two Mommies -- Satire of political correctness.
  • W. Gauthier Marx for Dictator of Florida -- a humorous candidate.
  • Panexa, a parody of all of those silly prescription medication ads you're seeing all over the place these days.


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