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Election 2000 Palm Beach Protests:
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Here are some more pictures of the Palm Beach County election protests from late 2000... These were taken on Nov. 26, 2000, a slightly later date than the earlier ones.

[Picture: Street Scene]
Street scene with protestors

[Picture: Emergency Operations Center]
The vote counting was taking place at the Emergency Operations Center, a building normally used to coordinate relief during a natural disaster such as a hurricane. The building now became the focal point of the man-made disaster of the 2000 elections.

[Picture: Police at door] [Picture: Door checkpoint]
The entrance was guarded by police, sheriff's deputies, and county employees. There was a check-in table for election monitor volunteers.

[Picture: Press coverage 1] [Picture: Press coverage 2]
Any time somebody "important" (such as a politician or a celebrity such as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton) gave a speech, the press crowded around, making it hard for outsiders like myself to get close enough even to see who it was they were crowding around. At times, several different people were giving speeches at the same time in different areas of the grounds, resulting in a "Three Ring Circus" atmosphere.

[Picture: Press Tents]
The atmosphere was sometimes intense, and also in tents... various press and media outlets pitched their campsites nearby to house their equipment.

[Picture: Animal Group]
While this whole mess was going on, some young local residents had their own booth across the street to promote and fundraise for a group that finds homes for stray animals. They had planned this event before knowing of the political mess, and were somewhat bemused at the added attention they got due to their proximity to history in the making. (Many people attending, covering, or participating in election-related affairs across the street parked in the shopping plaza where this animal group had set up, so they got an unexpected burst of traffic.)

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