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David Duke

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Last updated : November 9, 1938

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Some Interesting E-Mail

Hi there!
I just wanted to share some 'brilliant' David Duke
words with you, which he sent me as a reply to an
email I sent to his site concerning my opinion on his
bigotry. It's classic! If you have to oppurtunity,
please post it on the website and share it with
others. This man needs to be stopped.

take care,
Dion, The Netherlands

--- INFO <info1@davidduke.com> wrote:
> I see that you love the ultra racism of Jews.
> Congratulations you are real
> Jewish supremacist even though you are apparently
> not Jewish. You cannot see
> that the Jews are the most racist people on earth?
> Maybe you get real
> satisfaction out of seeing Israel kill so many
> Palestinian children and
> torture hundreds of thousands of human beings. Maybe
> you love this bloody
> war for Israel in Iraq. If you love it so much, go
> and fight yourself, you
> bastard.
> But then again you obviously love gas chambers for
> people who have different
> opinions than yourself.
> You are an enemy of humanity, a true champion of
> Jewish globalism and the
> denial of the rights of all people on earth.
> And by the way, even though you called me stupid,
> you have to be the
> stupidest biggest sucker of all time not see how the
> Jewish supremacists
> have conned you into supporting their ultra-racist
> religion and nation!
> Congratulations, only problem is they will never
> accept you as one of their
> own. You will always be a Shagietz "gentile man
> equated to piece of filth"
> for them.
> Unless you wake up, stupido, you will also be hated
> by your own people, but
> that's normal, cause you already seem to hate your
> own and only love the
> supremacist Jews.
> Ariel Sharon is a good role model for you.
> He likes to kill people too, just as you fantasize
> about, Go see him and
> find out if you can be one of his hired murderers.
> You silly, silly person.
> Truth is, you just make me laugh at your insanity.
> david duke

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