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Millennial Madness

Will the turn of the millennium be the end of the world as we know it, or just a big party? That's what people were asking as January 1, 2000 approached. Actually, the millennium won't really turn until 2001, but January 1, 2000 is not only the more attractive party date, but also when lots of computer software was expected to fail, a problem referred to as "Y2K". Would this be only a minor nuisance, or would it lead to a Great Depression or even a general collapse of civilization? Should you take all of your cash out of the bank and head for the hills, or was that just panic-mongering? There were lots of Web sites that had something to say about it. But when the big day finally came, it turned out to be no big deal: the bugs never bit, and while there were some big parties, a majority stayed at home. And on January 1, the usual assortment of bowl games awaited the couch potatoes of America.

The Millennium Bug

The Millennium Party

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