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Dan's Opinion #1

Free Speech: Threat or Menace?

by Daniel Tobias

As I was channel surfing on a Sunday morning, I caught part of a religious show by Dr. D. James Kennedy on the "menace" of pornography. This guy is scary. He seems to have no respect for free speech rights, except for himself and his organization, of course. He presented a hyped-up, hysterically-toned program talking about how pornography "causes" crime, quoting such "experts" as murderer Ted Bundy. He called for more laws against obscenity and more enforcement of current laws, and solicited contributions to pursue legal battles against pornographers, particularly in Kennedy's home state of Florida, which is known for some recent anti-porn crusades like the arrest and conviction of cartoonist Michael Diana. Kennedy wants funds to ensure that such "anti-Christian" organizations as the ACLU fail in their efforts to appeal these convictions. Also mentioned specifically was the Internet, and how it's a haven for obscenity and that more laws are needed to curb it. I saw enough to convince me that Kennedy and his ilk are major threats to freedom of expression (and I'm hardly a bleeding heart, politically correct liberal myself). Maybe some of you people ought to write or call him to express your strong opposition to his agenda. His address is:

Dr. D. James Kennedy
P. O. Box 1940
Ft. Lauderdade, FL 33302-1940

and his phone number is:

(954) 772-0404

He says he'll send a book on "how to fight back against pornography" free on request, so you might ask for it if you'd like to know what the enemy is up to (and if you don't mind getting on his mailing list for future screeds and money-begging).

Open letter to D. James Kennedy from People for the American Way

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